Implementing Rights

The idea here is that our rights are being trampled on many (if not all) fronts.

Because corporations have such stewardship of our social interactions on the internet, they must be considered to be potentially untrustworthy adversaries to personal empowerment as much as the government. Therefore, in our implementation of tools that assert rights, we must address (and defeat) infringement by corporations as well as governments.

If we accept that our rights aren’t being met, then we can read the bill of rights as what we should have, and construct a plan that can reassert it.

  • Speech - communication system that isn’t controlled by any central authority. we have free, but extremely unequal, speech. end the broadcast model. use an implementation which reduces the power of speech disparity between the individuals and centralized entities.
  • No quarter - the 3rd amendment was in retaliation for britian’s requirement to house troops. in the same spirit, governing bodies today require telecoms and other organizations to house special surveillance software. this software is used for legitimate and illegitimate deeds by the government, and grants it the ability to spy and collect data of perverse volume and breadth. it permits vast intrusion, and by running our own software, we will block this avenue of abuse. state and corporate surveillance tools will be shown no quarter.
  • Security - self hostable, open source, no secrets but your own, free
  • Due process - process is likely to be due only to the extent that its implementors are held accountable. thus, due process can be guaranteed only when processes are sufficiently defined and verfiable. if processes are defined to incorporate real-time publishing of blinded data derivatives, manipulation will be impossible. we can end parallel construction and illegal evidence collection with proper data security, recording, and blinded publication schemes.
  • Speedy trial - self hosted custody maid. automatically activated dead-man’s lever and remote control framework. counsel sourcing, will dispersal, bail payment.
  • Jury trial - a jury must have access to independent, free, non-corruptible information gathering during deliberation.
  • No cruel and unusual punishment - organize and humanize our justice system through consensus and democratic participation.
  • Extra rights - algorithmic freedom. we must pass a law that makes it legal to execute any software algorithm as long as it doesn’t infringe on another individual’s rights. Official legal definition of “internet connection” meaning a connection that runs tcp/ip with a globally routeable address, the ability to open and listen on ports, and to connect to open ports.