The purpose of this blog is to flesh out the initial plan for the freetheinter.net project.

Its goal is to replace our profit-focused information infrastructure with systems designed to empower individuals.

If you’re looking for a good place to start, check out the overview.

Planned ideas:

  • split self-hosted infrastructure and person-centric social network app
  • user experience description
  • security ideas
  • define “goal oriented”
  • vulnerabilities - explain how we are weak.
  • adversaries - single out centralized power structures that take advantage of our vulnerabilities, and the tactics they use.
    • abuse occurs as a result of misplaced trust
    • remove the trust to stop the abuse
  • consensus - explain why consensus is an effective countermeasure, and how personal social infrastructure can help.
    • why we don’t have it
    • why we need it
    • how to get it
  • Hosting is hard: how self-hosted infrastructure can work


  • focus posts (partition personal and fti)
  • fti posts should feature “problem: solution” relationship for focus

The Author

I’m a free software enthusiast and software developer. I’m currently employed as an infrastructure developer at a great web company.

I care a lot about digital freedoms! Digital rights are human rights. Digital rights management is human rights management. Our digital rights must be protected for us to really have all of the rights that we should in a free society.


I’ve realized that governments and corporations won’t ever act to ensure our digital rights, so we must seize our rights directly through technical means.

My goal is to try to imagine the best personal social infrastructure that could exist, gather support and resources, and try to implement it.