To “free the internet” is to bring freedom to all people that use the internet.

We are currently enslaved by centralized power structures. Most people act merely as recipients of the consequences of decisions made by the greedy and power hungry. These decision makers only care about enriching themselves and maintaining power. They wage war, build terrible weapons, propagandize our fellow humans, and systematically abuse populations in order to meet these goals.

These power structures control society by controlling the information that people encounter. If individuals can play a more direct role in the spread and distribution of information, these centralized power structures will lose their grip on us.


If we want ideal digital tools that empower individuals, we will have to build and run them ourselves. takes a broad approach to fixing our information problems which is based around three primary goals:

  1. Personal rights and security
  2. Social trust
  3. Goal seeking

Some essential aspects of the software that will lead to true freedom on the internet:

  • everybody can use and improve it
  • contributions are visible to and shared with everyone
  • local trust plays a fundamental role in the flow of data
  • hosted on local resources

Functional goals

  • false information meets harsh criticism, withers, and dies
  • truthful information spreads the fastest
  • mutually beneficial consensus is easy to attain
  • surveillance, manipulation, and coercion by centralized entties is prohibitively expensive

If we can create a good enough solution, free societies will have an order-of-magnitude advantage in agency compared to those that rely on central control, and will vastly outperform them. Oppressive regimes will become irrelevant and impotent, allowing humanity a better chance to solve the challenges that we will face.

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