The Plan

The current plan is to pursue the following three stages:

I. Strategize

This is where we are currently. is a pretty big project, and it requires a careful approach to succeed.

Some goals in this stage:

  • explain the need for undertaking this huge effort (blog)
  • describe the most ideal personal social infrastructure
  • publish with project skeleton adequate for onboarding
  • get noticed

Some more details are in the post about strategy.

II. Build the system

Implement the system!

  • host code in public repo
  • create proof of concept
  • flesh out and refine

At first we’ll try to keep the entire project defined as a single git repository. This will simplify bootstrapping the project and maybe allow some neat “gitops”:

  • integrate static generated web site, documentation, issue tracking, project progress, and code
  • code ownership and issue tracking might enable bounties

III. Use the system

Osensibly we will have some useful tools that will replace some functionality of centralized systems, so we should be able to start using them!

In this phase we should have a stable base that users can customize and build upon to add new functionality.

If the system is useful, then people that use it will thrive and use will increase.